How we got down the rabbit hole

More than food and sounds,

Nurturing the space between.

Café Green Door is.

A vessel to help both our circle and our community.

A combination of the GD ethos, and organic, local, fairtrade and soul-focused suppliers we share the drive of feeling good about yourself. Authenticity.

A vision of both super nutritional, healthy optioned, dietary foods and traditional cafe fare.

Extensive food choices and beverages, great sounds and a wicked urban view to boot, GD has always endeavoured to encompassed music, art & culture.
So take the trip and join us all.

TeriBuilding a legacy for my 3.
Ko Taranaki tōku mounga.
Ko Te Henui tōku awa.
Ko Taranaki tōku iwi.
Ko 3STARZ tōku hapu.
Ko Terri Anne Niwa tōku ingoa.

There was always a dark and a light. Sometimes starkly versus. Sometimes beautifully blended. But always challenging. The chiaroscuro of me.

Born and bred here under Mounga Taranaki. Māori whakapapa and English/Scottish/Welsh combined. My background briefly touches on the arts, alternative therapies, philosophy and the mighty hospitality industry all of which are largely self taught.

A high achiever with a damaged background I found myself unemployed and a Mum of 2 by the age of 19. The birth of my boys and those hard years of learning created a burning internal drive to create a world of stability for my babies to launch from.

Cafe Green Door became a culmination of life experiences poured (sometimes haphazardly) into a bricks and mortar expression of who I am. With the addition of Ron and our little girl in 2007 we as a whānau began the process of designing a space to provide income, authentic support, kai and lashings of humour and aroha.

Diagnosed with Chrons disease, depression and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2016 my journey took a sharp step sideways and I began the journey of self healing through holistic wellness via food and environment. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I don’t. I’ve learnt to see the beauty in both.

As a working chef since 2008 I spent hours pouring over the overwhelming information available and put together a somewhat rough blueprint for GDs opening day on May 9 2016. The evolution of GD is, has and always will be an organic representation of who and where we are at any given moment.

Welcome to our journey.

Ngā mihi. Namaste. Chur x

RonAnd here I am...
Born and raised in the northeast of the UK to a Kiwi mum and a Brit dad who was away most of the time in the navy.
“Four-eyes”, overweight and speaking properly taught me pretty early on to build walls of defence.
Needles and glue bags were common sights on the way home from school and so once Her Majesty ordered my dad to fight for a freezing island in the middle of the South Atlantic, my mum decided we were moving to NZ on his return.

And here I am……

Some weirdness at 17 that wiped out 25% of my field of vision added a challenge I didn’t need! Anyone that remembers my school exams printed on A3 will attest to that. Lol
But fuelled by a real love of music from very early on and the fun lifestyle that it gifted me, I spent my teen years onwards engrossed in all the stimulations that I could. Not always to my benefit perhaps; but always to my pleasure and expansion.

All the time knowing there was a deeper level though.

Close to turning 30, I somehow grew up enough to connect with Teri and thus started a journey that 17 years later sees me smack bang in the middle of where I wanted to be…..
A family man, a father of three and the frontman of my own band of madness and mirth but with a real sense of “right”.
Knowing our tribe is both why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it is the true reason I am doing it.

Three Starz is me too.

Peace out and rock on!!